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Eviction Specialist

We pride ourselves on the success rate we have evicting those non-paying tenants and especially those troubling squatters that think it's ok to live at the homeowner's expense and cause thousands of dollars in damages to the dwelling...

Real Estate Eviction Specialist

For those "Real Estate Agents" that have clients that are selling their homes and a renter is not allowing potential buyers to see the home because they are retaliating against the homeowners to stay longer.

We can get those bad tenants out usually 20 to 20 days sometimes sooner to help you sell your home successfully and time efficiently.

Squatters eviction

Squatters are the worst type of tenant for an agent or Homeowner/Investor. A squatter always assumes that the law protects them. This is untrue, and they do have to be evicted like any unlawful tenant. Some procedures have to be followed with squatter because they are not named on a lease agreement. They are on the premises without permission by the landlord and so they become "Unknown Tenants." This changes the whole structure of how the unlawful tenant needs to be served and delt with. We have trained skilled servers that have been trained to deal with these difficult tenants. We have a tremendous success rate in successful unlawful tenant evictions as a footnote an unnamed tenant is also known as a "DOE" and must be noted on the complaint when filed

Let CVPS help you with all your eviction needs at half the price of an attorney we have eight years experience in this specialty and would love your business please call us at 559-718-1278 for a free consultation anytime Monday thru Sunday.

Real Estate

Total Cost $750.00

Not including writ and sheriff lock out

Cost Break Down:

– 3, 60 or 90 day notice to vacate, pay or quit with proof of service – $150

– Processing of unlawful detainer – $250

– Payment to superior court filing of unlawful detainer – $240

– Process serving unlawful detainer – $25

– Processing judgment and default mailing of documents – $50

– Processing of writ & filing sheriff lock out order to sheriff – $35

Total fees – $750

If unknown tenants there is $75 extra charge.

Unknowns have to be summoned and served as well.

Additional charges

– Writ of execution fees  – $25

– Lock out fee to sheriff – $145

Total – $170

By Appointment Only
Tel: 559-718-1278

Registration #S201410000005 | Bond # 6195569